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March 2009



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Mar. 15th, 2009

Jaime better be here in April...

Because I would have no one else to go wif :(
PLUS I THINK THEY'RE ALL AGES, but I don't have any any-aged friends! :)

Jul. 13th, 2008

(no subject)

Please comment if you'd like me to add you.
From now on, most everything will be private and friends only!

Thank you :)

(and Baba Pocket)

Jul. 12th, 2008

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

yay for me and matt!
so we made it!
ALSO 10 days until baba is ONE YEAR OLD!!!!

Our weddin day! (dont you just love the orange dress and the belly?)

mine please.

so i can be cool!

Jul. 10th, 2008

fucking gorgeous

the beach was AMAZING.
took me an hour to get to jamaica in the morning and JUST made it (fucking E train is so shit) and toddled straight into a car full of mas and babes. We hit it off instantly and I spent the day with them. They're a babysitting coop, so they get together to get to know eachother then everyone sits eachothers kids...sounds fab to me!

Here are some photos!

off to clean!


Jul. 7th, 2008


gave birth to a new breed of disgusting rich cunts.
mama and dada pay for all your hipster clothes and vegan food and your chic apartments...
fuck that. seriously? fuck. that.

haha i'm so bitter!!! But it's ok
I love it ^__^

Jul. 6th, 2008


i have so much to say but by the time i get a minute i'm too exhausted to think about it :\

good boring day today. rainy and lazy, but i made a cake with pink frosting and pretty sprinkles for danny's birthday tomorrow!
and i can't wait to see baby colette again!

parker stood by himself for like 10 seconds today, a few times ^__^
matt and i discussd 'dark matter' until he started playing with the baby and lost interest (haha)
i think next weekend we're going to go to the part of the Natural History Museum that's dedicated to space!
its only like 15$ a person and obv the babys free!
so word.



Jul. 4th, 2008

in the spirit of independence day,

watch this film:



Jul. 3rd, 2008

i think

tomorrow will be 4 days since i've spoken to jaime.
i'm going through withdrawal i think.

today was so lame. it was beautiful and i didnt want to be inside too much so i walked 3 miles, went to target to buy a scale (on a diet startinggg NOW) and got the baby some shoes (shoes?! yes, i know, but he'll be walking soon!) and basically immersed myself in youtube/google videos about space, life and science then downloaded "Cosmic Voyage" and watched it like 4 times. honestly, i don't even care, it's so fucking amazing, i love that shit.

Last night I went out to see Jamie, Nick and Babuh Colette Reese. She is absolutely fucking beautiful. She reminds me of Parker, last year and it was amazing. I never thought I'd go from awkward college student to mama and baby-lover but here I am, coddling babies like it's my job..OH WAIT, it will be. ANYWAY I brought them a lovely gift bag filled with xbox, baby, and alcoholic goodies. Then I had to catch the train home and then the subway to Astoria so I ended up traveling about 4 and a half hours to go like 45 miles out and back LOL. Seriously, it was completely utterly worth it.
I got to spend some alone time (Jen doesn't think visiting friends in the hospital and the subsequent travel time counts but still...) and just enjoyed reading and music and got bored pretty fast. By the end though I felt really good, I felt a bit independent again, without my constant curly headed appendage.

Tomorrow matt's off for Fourth of July, marking his one year anniversary of living in newyork. I was 8.5 mos pregnant waddling into the airport to see my hubbin :) they lost his luggage (filled with all his worldly possessions AND after 14 hours of travel including a layover in dublin) and I barely fit behind the wheel of the mini but it was a great day! Happy US anniversary baby!
I wanted to go to Long Beach but there's thunderstorms tomorrow :( After a week filled with beautiful, lonely days, I have my boy and it rains *sigh I wonder if there'll still be fire works? Oh well. not like i'm some big I<3USA freak anyway.



why i love science,

and not religion.
spare the ten minutes.
for morgan?

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