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March 2009

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Please comment if you'd like me to add you.
From now on, most everything will be private and friends only!

Thank you :)

(and Baba Pocket)


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i'm not gonna lie...

I'm a lurker and I totally read your blog (and love it!)

I am...

a fan ... ! : )
I love reading your blog!!

makes me wanna have one of my own
If you don't mind, I'd like to be added. I've been reading your journal for a while now. I got the link from somewhere and just love reading updates about your cute little family!
thanks girl! I always write like nobodys reading but I'm thrilled that you do! :)


It's Stacey La Scala


you should add me 8)
I got your livejournal off your myspace, and I am quite the fan. Your baby is quite the charmer.
:) thanks chick!

Re: I've been lurking

haha not at all sweet cheeks!!! :) thanks!

I love your blog

Can you add me?

Thanks ;)
love reading about your cute little family. you seem like an amazing and strong person and thats refreshing to hear and read about. please add as a friend.
love love reading your journal, you are such an inspiration! & your baby is darling! please add! :)
I'm kinda new to livejournal (and lazy) and I'd love it if you'd add me, your blog cracks me up! and your family are adorable :)

nice journal

We always get so entertained reading these...you're such an awesome writer! :-)
Had a baby girl last month - had fun reading your story before and would like to read again. Trying to start my own journal, but not much free time these days!
I am a lurker. :-) Thanks! :-)


Hey Mary, I've joined to cult of livejournalers
Get me added lass!
Hey mary,
You added me under my old LiveJournal account (lilmissmegs) thats from like 10 years ago so I made a new one!
I found you through Elizabeth and RJ. May I say, your child is adorable. Those baby blues!

Mind if I add you?
Hi Mary, Sarah's told me all about your blog and I have to agree, it's a very interesting and fun read! I'd be very happy if you could add me so I can keep reading! :-) x
please add me, i miss your blog. its the best!
hey giiirrl!! add me!
I just came across this and it's interesting and amazing to read.
I'd appreciate the add!
I looked through your old posts and I loved reading them and seeing beautiful photos of you and your family. Add me? I want to see more <3

PS. I stumbled upon your livejournal through Kellee's recent post you commented on. I liked your icon, so I checked out your journal. I'm not creepy I swear! :P

hey there!

I have no idea if you're even writing anymore because the last entry I can see is from June! Update me please or give me access to your site! I miss you!

Re: hey there!

haha wow i'm an idiot. i had no idea you'd friended me, i think so many people did at once and i just went back in my messages and i'd not even read your comment UGH IM DUMB here you go <3
hi mary!
I read your journal before,I stumbled upon it through friends of friends of friends-but I always enjoyed reading about your life and family. You are a wonderful writer and have a beautiful family! Could I be added? Thanks :)

I, too, stumbled upon your LJ as a friend of a friend (the lovely miss Elizabeth G., in particular).

I added you. :)
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